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Travel Agents Can Help You with Schengen Visa Requirements

People who are planning for a European holiday can find Schengen visa quite convenient. This is because with a single Schengen visa you can visit almost 26 countries in the European territory without any hassles. The Schengen tourist visa allows you to stay for a period of 90 days in any of these countries as a tourist or on business purpose. The Schengen visa requirements are also quite simple and you need to apply to the embassy of the country where you are planning to stay the most during your visit to the European countries. To apply for the Schengen visa you can download the form and duly fill it with your details. You should also attach two recent pass port size photos and your passport valid for three months beyond the return data and with at least two blank pages left in the passport. You should also submit a copy of your travel itinerary along with flight ticket and hotel reservation that confirms your itinerary. You should also submit a financial proof of about 79 euros on a daily business and also a travel medical insurance worth at least 30,000 euros. You are also required to submit a covering letter on the purpose of your visit.

Schengen Visa Requirements

In case, you are not clear about the Schengen visa requirements you can always rely on the travel agents like Travelvisaguru that would help you with all the formalities that you have to meet to get the Schengen Visa. Moreover, many think that they need to buy the flight tickets and book the hotel rooms to provide their itinerary proof to the embassy. But this need be the case because if your visa is rejected you are going to lose the amount spent on the flight tickets or the hotel booking. Instead it is enough if you just provide the flight and hotel reservation that comes for a very low price compared to the original cost to block the tickets and once your visa is approved you can confirm the reservation else cancel the reservation. This is best handled by the travel agent so that you need not face any problems in the process of applying for a Schengen visa. With the services of Travelvisaguru you no longer have to worry about the visa process as they shall take care of everything to sail you smoothly through the process and get ready for your vacation in the European countries.