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Avail Reliable Travel Agent Services for Schengen Visa Requirements

Schengen visa is the best choice for those who would like to travel across the European countries on a vacation or work. This is because with a single visa you can travel across almost 26 countries with no more documentation or paperwork to cross the borders of these countries. This has been possible because these countries have agreed to a Schengen Treaty where their citizens can travel across their countries just like interstate and the same also applies for the tourists. There are different types of Schengen visa based on your purpose of visit to those nations. In case you are visiting as a tourist you need to apply to the embassy where you are planning to spend most of the days in your tour or the country where you are going to land first as part of your itinerary. The Schengen visa requirements are just like any other visa and are simple enough for everyone to understand. You can download the Schengen visa application form from an embassy to whom you are applying and duly fill it with all the details and also attach two of your recent passport size photos and also a passport with a validity of at least 3 months beyond the retune date. You should also have your passport left with two blank pages.

France Tourist Visa Requirements

Along with the above requirements you are also supposed to submit a travel medical visa, financial proof, covering letter and also flight and hotel reservation that confirms your tour itinerary. Though many think that they need to buy the flight tickets and book hotels to submit for the visa process in reality the embassy just needs a reservation that confirms there exists flights to your destination to and fro and also hotels that confirm your itinerary. You can just reserve the tickets with a travel agent that holds good for a week and in case your visa is approved the tickets can then be bought else cancel that costs you not more than 10% on the original ticket price. In fact, there are many travel agents that can arrange you a flight and hotel booking for the visa process without any cost. If you are not clear on the Schengen visa requirements you can simply avail the services of reliable travel agent like Travel Visa Guru who are experts in offering visa services so that their clients can get their visa on time and enjoy a trip abroad.