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Schengen Visa Requirements

Understand Schengen Visa Requirements for a Hassle Free Visa Process

European countries offer a wonderful holiday destination which are well connected by road and air and the best part is that you can visit most of them with a single visa. Yes, if you apply for the Schengen visa you can visit the 26 Schengen countries that allows free movement for all their citizens and tourists with a Schengen visa. You can apply for the Schengen tourist visa that is issued for 90 days and move across all these 26 countries without any more paper work or documents. You need to apply to the embassy or consulate of the country where you are going to spend the maximum days in your tour as it is considered the main destination of your holiday. All you need is to download the Schengen visa form online and fill in the details before submitting it to the embassy. The Schengen visa requirements are more or less the same like you apply for any single country in the European Union. You need to submit 2 pass port photos with clear visibility of the face along with a passport valid for at least 3 months beyond the return date and also two blank pages left in the pass port. You should also attach a copy of your travel itinerary and return travel ticket as proof of your holiday schedule. You should also provide travel medical insurance, financial proof, covering letter for the purpose of your visit and also the flight ticket and hotel reservation to process your visa. These are the basic requirements and you may need to submit some more proofs if you are a minor or traveling on any other purpose.

Schengen Visa Application Requirements

If you are not sure with the Schengen visa requirements you can simply avail the services of a reliable travel agent like who offer their professional services to help you out with the visa process so that you can relax while they take care about all the required documents for you to submit and have your visa processed within no time. Though many think that they need to provide a flight ticket and hotel booking proof for the Schengen visa it is not that you should have a confirmed ticket or hotel booking.  This is because you never know if the visa shall be approved or not. Hence a reservation is enough that can be confirmed if your visa gets processed else cancel it which costs not more than 10% of the confirmed booking. All these things shall be sorted out by the travel agents who ensure you enjoy a wonderful holiday reducing the complexities of the visa process within no time.