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Avail Travel Agency Services for Flight Booking for Schengen Visa

Traveling across the world is a wonderful experience and the fun should not be spoiled with the visa hassles that one encounter frequently. However, if you avail the services of reliable travel agents like Travel Visa Guru you can get the appropriate consultation and help for smooth visa process without any hurdles. If you are planning a trip to Spain you can find the travel agency providing you all the necessary insights on how to apply for the Spain visa as well as the requirements to process your visa immediately. Spain comes under the Schengen area and so if you plan to visit other countries too along with Spain you can simply apply for a Schengen visa and enjoy your holidays in Europe entering all the countries that come under the Schengen treaty without any further requirement of documents to cross the borders of these Schengen countries. The Schengen visa application can be downloaded online and submitted to the embassy of the country where you are going to spend most of the days during your holiday or the nation where you are going to land first.

Sample Flight Itinerary for Germany Visa Application

Along with the duly filled in application form you have to attach two recent passport size photos and also your passport with at least 2 blank pages left and also valid for three months on the return date. You also need to attach a covering letter on the purpose of your visit and also financial proof that you can support during your stay abroad along with medical insurance for a minimum of 30,000 euros. It is also mandatory that you submit flight booking for Schengen visa or in case you are visiting Spain you need to submit the sample flight itinerary for Spain visa application along with hotel booking details that mainly indicate your tour plan and also availability of flights and accommodation for your travel to the Schengen area. Whether it is flight booking for Schengen visa or flight itinerary for Spain visa application you should remember that there is no need for you to actually buy the flight ticket but just reserve the ticket so that if the visa is approved you can confirm your flight reservation else cancel the flight reservation that costs you not more than 10% on the original flight ticket. This also holds good for the hotel booking.