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Schengen Tourist Visa to Travel

Apply for Schengen Tourist Visa to Travel Multiple European Countries with a Single Visa

If you are planning for a European holiday it is better to apply for the Schengen tourist visa as you can visit many countries that come under Schengen treaty with just a single visa. Yes, there are almost 26 countries that come under Schengen and you can cross the borders of these countries just like interstate without the necessity of any more paper work with just a single Schengen tourist visa. The Schengen visa requirements are also very simple just like any other visa and you can apply to the embassy where you want to spend your vacation the most of the country where you land first. You can download the visa application online and along with it you need to submit two passport size photos and your passport that is valid at least three months beyond the return date and also two blank pages left in the passport. Along with the visa application you must also submit your tour itinerary and in support the flight and the hotel reservation proofs that confirm your itinerary as mentioned in the application. You should also avail a medical visa of minimum 30,000 euros and also a financial proof of about 70 euros per day. It is also important that you submit a covering letter or an authorization letter stating the purpose of your visit to the European countries.

Schengen Visa Requirements

However, many tourists are confused with the flight and hotel booking whether they have to book the tickets or just make the reservation for the Schengen tourist visa. In reality, it is just enough if you can make a reservation than buying the flight tickets or the hotel booking as you are not sure about the visa being sanctioned or rejected. In case, the visa is sanctioned, than you can confirm your reservation for the flight and hotel booking else can cancel the reservation which is a very small amount that you might lose compared to the original flight ticket or booking hotel accommodation. If you are still not clear about the Schengen visa requirement you can always lookout for reliable travel agents like Travelvisaguru who help you out right from the process of applying a Schengen visa to the documents that you need to submit to get your visa within no time. By getting the Schengen tourist visa you can travel across many European countries that are well connected by air and land to enjoy your European holidays.