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Apply for Schengen Tourist Visa to Enjoy Your Vacation in European Countries

Those who are planning for a holiday in Europe can avail the Schengen visa that permits them to move across almost 25 European countries that come under the Schengen treaty with a single visa. This is very much convenient for the tourists as they can cross the borders of these countries with a single Schengen tourist visa without the necessary of any more paper work. All one need is to apply for the Schengen visa to the embassy of the country where one is going to land first in their flight or the country where they are going to spend maximum number of their holidays. The tourist visa is generally issued for six months and by having the visa one can move across the famous tourist destinations in Europe to enjoy their holidays. The Schengen visa requirements are more or less the same just like other visa requirements where you need to have a valid pass port with at least two empty pages and three months validity after the return date. The application form for the Schengen visa can be downloaded from the embassy online and duly fill it along with the necessary documents before submitting to the embassy for the visa approval.

Schengen Visa Requirements

The visa application should be attached with a two passport size photos of the applicant along with travel health insurance, financial proof and also a personal covering letter on the purpose of their visit to the Schengen area. You should also attach a flight itinerary and hotel reservation as a proof about your trip details. This determines that you have connecting flights from your country to the destination and also accommodation for you to stay in the destination country. However, many mistake that they actually need to buy the flight ticket to apply for the Schengen visa. But in reality this is not the case as you never know if the visa shall be approved or rejected till the last minute. So buying a flight ticket means you are going to lose the amount if the visa is rejected. Hence, you just need to submit the flight reservation and hotel booking reservation details that hold good for a week’s time and if your visa is approved you can confirm your booking with the concerned people else cancel the reservation losing just 10% of the original flight ticket and hotel booking costs.

Schengen Visa Application Requirements

Those who are not clear about Schengen visa requirements can take the help of experienced travel agents who shall ensure that you meet all the necessary requirements for your visa application without any hassles.