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Schengen Tourist Visa - Travelvisaguru

A Schengen Tourist Visa Allows You to Move Across Many European Countries with a Single Visa

If you are planning a European holiday the Schengen visa makes it much more exciting as you can visit many countries across the European Union without the necessity of undergoing the tedious process of tourist visa for each and every country in the EU. This is because the Schengen treaty allows the visitors to travel across all the 26 countries with a single tourist visa and there is no more paper work or documents involved in this process. This really gives you the chance to move across the 26 countries in the EU to enjoy your vacation without any hassles. However, to get the Schengen visa you need to apply to the embassy where you are going to land first or spend most of the time in your holidays in a particular country. Applying for a Schengen visa is quite simple if you know the procedure else you can lookout for reliable travel agents like travelvisaguru who help you understand the Schengen visa requirements so that you can apply for the Schengen tourist visa without any problem.

France Tourist Visa Requirements

You can download the Schengen visa online and fill in the form along with two recent pass port size photos and attach your passport with at least 3 months validity beyond the return date. You should also see that at least there are two blank pages left in the passport. You also need to submit travel medical insurance of minimum 30,000 euros and financial proof of about 70 euros so that you can take care of yourself in the visiting country. It is also important to submit an authorization letter or a covering letter on the purpose of your visit and also hotel and flight ticket reservation that confirms your itinerary.

Schengen Tourist Visa

Most of the tourists get confused with the flight and hotel ticket reservation that needs to be submitted to the embassy buying the tickets and booking the hotel accommodation. But in reality you need not buy a flight ticket or book the hotel accommodation but a simple reservation that is done for a small amount is enough so that if the visa is confirmed you can go ahead with your reservation or if the visa is rejected you can cancel the reservation that is done at a very low cost. If you are not clear on this process you can avail the travel agent services who shall ensure all your Schengen visa requirements are met so that there is every chance for you to get the Schengen tourist visa for you to enjoy a vacation in the European countries with a single visa.