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Apply for Schengen Tourist Visa to Enjoy Europe Vacation

Europe makes a wonderful holiday destination for many of the tourists who visit the countries to enjoy their vacation. The Schengen visa now makes it much more accessible as one can enjoy a vacation in almost 25 countries that come under Schengen area by applying for a single Schengen tourist visa. The Schengen visa makes it possible for one to travel across all these 25 countries without the necessity of anymore paperwork or documents but one can move just like between interstates. One can download the Schengen tourist visa online and duly fill it and attach the required documents for the visa process. The Schengen visa requirements are almost similar to the France visa requirements making it simply for you to apply for a Schengen visa. You need the Schengen visa application form filled along with two recent pass port size photographs of the applicant and a valid passport for at least three months beyond the return date and also two blank pages left in the passport. Along with that you need to submit your medical insurance of minimum 30,000 euros and also financial proof of 70 euros on a daily basis that determines that you can support yourself abroad.

France Tourist Visa Requirements

Along with the above you should also submit a covering letter or authorization letter on the purpose of your visit along with a copy of your flight and hotel reservations. Though many think that they need to buy the flight tickets for the Schengen tourist visa it is not so before getting the visa approved. The fight and hotel reservations is just a proof of your itinerary for the embassy and hence instead of buying the flight tickets you need to submit the details of the proposed route of the airlines, flight number, arrival and departure timings etc that are covered in the reservation. This reservation holds good for a week and if your visa is approved you can have the reservation confirmed else can cancel the reservation that costs just 10% of the flight ticket. However, if you are not clear about the Schengen or the France tourist visa requirements you can lookout for reliable travel agents like Travelvisaguru who shall help you in every step to apply a visa with all the required documents to the embassy. They make the visa process simple and quick so that you need not wait for days to have a status on your visa.