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Flight Reservations

Avail Tour Operator Services for Flight Reservation Without Paying for Your Visa Application

Europe is a wonderful holiday destination with many tourist attractions across the countries in European territory. Those who are planning for a European holiday can actually visit all these beautiful counties with a single visa called Schengen visa. Yes, this is possible because of the treaty between the 26 European countries that has agreed to allow citizens or visitors cross the borders of the member countries without any further documentation required. Thus who plan for a European holiday can actually apply for the Schengen visa so that they can spend their vacation in more than one country and enjoy the tourist spots across Europe during their holidays. The Schengen visa requirements are also just like visiting any other country however one have to apply to the embassy where one is going to land first or spend most of their vacation time in the country. You can download the Schengen visa application form from the embassy that should be duly filled in along with two pass port size photos and also a passport that is valid beyond three months the return date and also has two blank pages left after the visa process. A travel medical insurance, financial proof and also a covering letter with the purpose of your visit should be submitted along with the visa application.

Schengen Visa Requirements

To confirm your itinerary during the holidays it is also mandatory to submit the flight reservation and hotel booking details to the embassy. However, many think that they need to actually buy a flight ticket and book the hotel to submit the embassy but they should remember that their might be approved or rejected on any other grounds and at such times if a flight ticket is already bought it is going to be a waste if the visa is rejected. Hence, the embassy also clears that only a flight reservation that shows the availability of the flight to the destination with details like the flight number, travel date etc is enough and only if the visa is approved the reservation can be confirmed else cancelled that costs not more than 10% of the actually flight ticket price. If you are not clear on this you can always avail the service of experienced tour operators who help you out with the flight reservation without paying which shall be kept in a hold for a week and only if your visa is approved than can you have the ticket confirmed paying the total amount for the flight ticket.

Flight Reservation Without Paying

The tour operators shall be very much helpful with the Schengen visa requirements in case you need their assistance to plan your holiday hassle free.