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Reliable Travel Agent Can Help You with Flight Itinerary for Visa

If you are planning for a holiday abroad the first thing that comes to your mind is how to get a tourist visa to visit that country. There is no doubt that getting a tourist visa turns out to be tedious to those who are not familiar with the visa process for the particular country and there are many people who think twice before planning a holiday abroad not being able to go through all this tourist visa hassles. People get many doubts whether they would have to book the flight tickets first and then apply for a visa or are they going to lose all their money on the flight tickets if they are not going to get their visa approved because the tourist visa to most of the countries need a flight reservation along with the visa application form. So it is important for the tourists to first understand why the embassies ask for the flight tickets along with their visa application and the difference between flight itinerary, flight reservation and flight booking.

Flight Reservation Without Paying

The flight itinerary for visa is something that you have to submit which proves your travel itinerary to the embassy. This is more or less like providing information about the proposed flight that you are planning to book the tickets with details like its schedule for that day along with arrival and departure timings, airport and also aircraft number. However, when you are supposed to provide the flight reservation you are not actually going to buy the flight ticket but reserve it for a week’s time paying some 10% of the original flight ticket cost. In case your visa is approved you can have the ticket confirmed paying the rest of the amount else cancel the ticket losing a small amount on the reservation. But the flight booking is actually buying the ticket for the full price and no consulate actually wants you to book the ticket because their whole purpose of asking for the flight itinerary or reservation is to know that you have flights from your city to the destination and also check your flight itinerary against your travel itinerary that you stick on to your travel plans.

Flight Booking for Schengen Visa

In fact, you can also avail flight reservation without paying as there are some travel agents who take care of your visa process and don’t charge for the flight reservation until your visa is confirmed.