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Flight Reservation Without Paying

Flight Reservation Without Paying Is Advised For A Visa Application

Everyone who applies for a visa is familiar that along with their personal details they also need to submit their flight and hotel reservation to confirm their itinerary to get the visa to the destination.In this process many people think that they need to buy the flight tickets to submit the details in the visa application. But in reality you never know if the visa shall be granted or not till the last minute. If you have already bought the flight tickets and if the visa is rejected than it is going to be waste of money spent on the flight tickets But in reality the visa application don’t require your confirmed flight tickets but the embassies just need a valid flight reservation that supplies details of the outward and return journey that confirms your travel itinerary and available flights round the trip. The flight reservation actually consists of details like the proposed route of the airline with flight name, date and time of departure/arrival, flight code, departure/arrival airport IATA codes and also flight reservation numbers. So you can actually get flight reservation without paying the full ticket price but just make a reservation that can be confirmed if your visa is processed successfully or cancel by paying just 10% of the actual ticket cost to your travel agent.
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If you are not clear about the flight reservation without paying you can simply lookout for reliable travel agents like travelvisaguru who takes the responsibility of getting you the necessary flight reservation for your visa application without you spending money on actually buying the flight ticket. You can just have the flight ticket reservation that costs around $30 to $60 and only on confirmation of your visa the booking of the ticket shall be done by the travel agent saving you lots of money on the flight ticket in case the visa is rejected. The same thing also applies for hotel booking and many people often make the mistake of booking flight tickets and hotel rooms with full price but this need not be the case with most of the embassies that don’t advice the travellers to buy a flight ticket for their visa application. Traveling across the world is surely a wonderful experience but this visa hassles set off many to travel to new places.
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However, if you find reliable travel agents they ensure a smooth visa process where you can just relax while they take care of all the paper work and documents required for your visa application to enjoy your vacation without any visa tensions.