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Find Reliable Travel Agent to Know About Schengen Visa Requirements

European holidays can never be more exciting than with a Schengen visa. This is because you can enjoy your vacation across more than 25 countries in the European territory with just a single Schengen visa. There are no more hassles of document verification or getting visa for each and every country you would like to visit in Europe. With just a single Schengen visa you can just move across countries just like interstates without any hassles. All you need is to apply for a Schengen visa to the embassy where you are going to land first for your holidays or the nation where you are going to spend the maximum days of your vacation. The Schengen visa requirements are also more or less just like any other visa requirements that you have to download the visa application from the embassy that you would like to apply for the visa. On duly filling the visa you should also attach your two passport size recent photographs along with our passport with a validity of at least three months beyond the return date and also two empty pages left in the passport. Along with these you should also submit travel medical insurance, financial proof, covering letter on your purpose of visit and also flight and hotel reservation to confirm your itinerary.

France Tourist Visa Requirements

Many often get confused with flight reservation to submit for a visa and think that they would actually have to buy the tickets. But in reality the embassy don’t want you to buy the flight tickets but just flight reservation without paying so that you can have the tickets if the visa is approved else cancel them at a minimum cost. The flight reservation is generally for the embassy to have an idea on the availability of flights to and fro from your destination, how many days you shall be travelling in the Schengen area etc. The flight reservation generally contain details about the flight code, departure and arrival details to your destination, date and time of departure, proposed airline route etc that is more than sufficient for the embassy to have confirmation about your travel itinerary. However, if you are still not clear on how to book flight reservation without paying you can simply lookout for the best travel agents who can help you out with all the details that are required to apply for a Schengen visa.