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Make Your European Holiday Dream Come True with the Schengen Tourist Visa

Europe is a wonderful holiday destination with so many tourist attractions attracting millions of people every year from across the world. Moreover, the Schengen visa facilitates one to visit almost 26 countries with just a single visa making it simple and hassle free for one to move across these countries without any more documents or paperwork. This has been possible because all these 26 countries have come to a Schengen agreement making it possible for their citizens as well as the tourists to just pass through the country borders like interstate. So when you are planning for European holiday you can just get the Schengen tourist visa and enjoy your holiday visiting as many tourist destinations as you can of your interest with just a single visa. The Schengen visa requirements are also more or less like other visa requirements and you need to apply to the embassy where you are going to spend major part of your holidays or to the country embassy where you are going to land first as part of your holidays.

Schengen Visa Application Requirements

You can download the schengen visa application requirements online and need to fill up the form along with attaching two pass port size photos and your passport. Your passport should have at least three months validity and two blank pages left beyond the return date. You should also submit financial proof that you can support during your holidays, medical insurance and travel insurance in case of any mishap over there. You should also submit a covering letter regarding the purpose of your travel and holiday plan with the traveling details to and from dates. You also need to provide the accommodation and flight reservation details that confirms your itinerary during the holidays. Though many are confused with the flight reservation it is quite simple and you need not actually buy the flight ticket that is expensive but just reserve the ticket from the travel agent so that it shall be kept open for a week and if your visa is confirmed you can have the ticket confirmed else cancel it.

Schengen Visa Requirements

If you have any doubts regarding the Schengen visa requirements you can simply avail the services of reliable travel agents who shall help you with the entire process of filling up the forms to gathering the required documents and flight and hotel reservations for the visa application so that you can apply for the visa without any hassles and enjoy your holiday once your visa is approved.